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Baghdad Supermarket offers a selection of gourmet products and delicacies from around the globe. Passionate about delivering the best quality and widest variety of foods to their customers, they stock some of the most loved culinary staples from Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Syrian, Italian, and Greek cuisines.

Project Details
CLIENT Baghdad Supermarket


Stocking a wide variety of products across various cuisines, the Baghdad Supermarket was faced with the challenge of fitting all these goods presentably within the confined square footage of their retail space. Dairy goods and frozen produce, having some of the broadest product ranges, required a designated refrigerated display area. For their cold section, Baghdad Supermarket wanted a combination of open displays and display freezers to fit the space constraints and provide maximum shelving capacity.


Baghdad Supermarket had selected two Vision2400 open displays and two UF1500LF display freezers. All units fitted perfectly alongside one of the walls, with no gaps – providing an uninterrupted view of the cold section.

Adjustable shelving with integrated product stops allowed to maximise vertical storage space and display more products. Internal LED lighting made the display visually appealing and inviting. Additionally, being equipped with castor wheels the Bromic open displays and Bromic display freezers could be moved around the store to find the best location with no heavy lifting required.

The customer also had an opportunity to experience Bromic Extra Care Service in action. After installation, they were unable to start one of the units. After calling Bromic support late in the afternoon, a technician arrived at the site first thing in the morning. A quick inspection revealed that a switch had tripped during transport. This was quickly fixed and the unit was up and running within minutes.



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