Coronavirus has changed the way we dine. Government’s introduction of social distancing rules means businesses are thinking of new and creative ways to engage with their customers. People are still keen to support their local businesses, not to mention have a break from cooking.


Food outlets are now converting their businesses to pick-up. To survive and thrive in these challenging times, the business must now reconsider their floor shop space. How you create visual impact and stylishly flaunt your food means you must now consider the right food display for your shopfront.

Here is a guide we did to help you choose the right food display for your establishment.

Today, with the advancement of technology you will notice in terms of size, shape and capacity there is an extensive range of display fridges to choose from. Their durability and aesthetic appeal matched with the latest technology for temperature control makes display fridges more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Sometimes though, having a broad range of display fridges to choose from can get overwhelming, But, let that not discourage you.

There are some essential features you need to look out for when considering buying a display fridge, as each food business will have different needs.

Let’s take a closer look at what you must consider.

Food display

Your food is one of the important assets to your business therefore, careful consideration must be made on the type of food you wish to display at the forefront of your establishment. For instance, will it be hot or cold food displayed, any beverages, cupcakes or tier cake? You want to make sure the food displayed is presentable; it entices people to buy.

Bromic offers a solution for both cold or hot food with some of the features being high-impact LED shelf lighting that is ideal for product visibility, heated clear glass front, top and side with uninterrupted views of your cold food and three tiers of adjustable/removable shelving to suit any display styles. Remember, your display will be the first impression of your business, so make it work!


You may have perishable goods that will need to be kept at a certain temperature, like fresh produce. Consider, how long you are planning to store the goods, after all, you want to ensure you eliminate food wastage.

Whilst most units on the market are food safe, not all shelving will be compliant. This is where Bromic’s cold, hot and ambient units really stand out from the pack, as we offer fully tested and compliant shelving on all tiers.


You can only choose as big as space allows at your establishment, so carefully consider the size and location of your display fridge. You must also think about the humidity and condensation in the area.

Our full range of 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm hot, cold and ambient units provide sizing solution to fit any application, where you can stylishly display your food.


Keeping your unit clean with very little maintenance and ensuring your unit is running strong will play a pivotal role in your business. Regular cleaning and maintenance not only makes your display fridge more efficient but will help it last longer.

For example, the Bromic cold unit with the magnetic condenser cover offers an ease of maintenance, compared with a regular floor-mounted unit, which would be exposed to a level of dust build-up on the condensers.


An energy-efficient display fridge means a saving in your pocket. Consider if you will be using the display fridge over a long period of time. A bit more on energy-efficient unit means the running costs of the unit will be minimised.

Here, at Bromic we are defined by the never-ending process of product development. Our pool of technically trained engineers is always doing their best to look at how our refrigerators can be improved to offer a higher star rating, as the inevitable environment around us continues to change.

With a combination of Bromic’s hot, cold and ambient fridges, we can work with you to understand your needs and match it with the right fridge.

Take a closer look into the Bromic range

Hot Food Displays

Bromic’s Hot Food Displays offer a stylish, purpose-built, high humidity display solution for hot food display applications. Featuring three fully adjustable shelves, easily removable glass for cleaning, the units include bain-marie wells to increase humidity


Cold Food Displays

Bromic’s Cold Food Displays offer a stylish, purpose-built display solution for refrigerated delicacies such as cheese, cakes and confectionery. Featuring uninterrupted views from the heated glass on the front, top and sides prevent condensation, three fully adjustable shelves and removable glass for cleaning, these units maintain moisture at low temperatures to ensure that products on display taste as good as they look.

Ambient Food Displays

Bromic’s Ambient Food Displays offer a stylish, purpose-built display solution for displaying cakes and delicacies at ambient temperatures. Featuring three fully adjustable shelves, easily removable glass for cleaning, offering full functionality and flexibility.


We understand each customer will have their own specification and it is in our best interest to give you the confidence you have purchased a product with the promise to support your business when you need it. That’s why we also offer on all our range the Extra Care warranty service, should the unexpected ever happen.

Your refrigeration solution is a large investment. Let us help you find the right Bromic fridge that is affordable and packed with all the right features to serve your business. Call us today on 1300 276 642 and speak to one of our friendly customer representatives.

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